Cotton Featured

For our mattresses we use premium 100% organic cotton fabric (known in the industry as "ticking") to give you years of refreshing sleep.
Our certified organic cotton ticking is woven into a beautiful comfort-soft fabric without the use of harsh chemicals.
This organic cotton fabric ticking is the ultimate choice for people with chemical sensitivities.
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Knitted fabric Featured

Knitted fabrics have been always used in the most luxurious mattresses. One of the most important advantages of knitted fabrics is the superior elasticity. Especially with usage of new raw materials such as memory foam and latex, it is crucial to use these flexible fabrics.
Elasticity allows the formation of local pressure points, enabling the upholstery material to easily form a mould around the body.
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Cotton-polyester fabric Featured

When combining polyester with cotton, the result is a stronger material, which is durable and affordable. Cotton provides the softness, polyester provides the durability.

Cotton combined with polyester is less prone to pilling and static. This type of fabric keeps it shape and color longer, and it doesn't shrink.
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Cashmere Featured

The fine undercoat of the Cashmere goat is combed out and carefully separated in a highly labor-intensive process. As the yield is only about 150 grams of down per animal, cashmere is one of the most valuable kinds of wool.

It is uniquely fine, supple and light, and soft to the touch, and has excellent heat insulating properties.
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Silk Featured

It insulates the body against heat and cold, and can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture.

Silk fibers are the strongest natural fiber and also a natural fire retardant. It is half the weight of down and drapes to your body; eliminating cold spots.
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Wool Featured

Wool actively moves moisture away from your body and when exposed to air, it quickly releases any built-up moisture. Because of its many amazing natural properties, wool is the healthiest, most compatible fiber that can be found for your sleeping environment. .
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